Dutch Bantams

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My Dutch Bantams

I am currently breeding Light Brown, Blue Light Brown, Cream Light Brown and Blue Cream Light Brown. I am happy with what is comming of the year for the Dutch here. They are looking great and making lots of babies. I got my main start from Kristi Van Grunen here in Ca.

Light Brown

Light Brown is the most common color. It is a easy color to start with, and my first color when I started in the Dutch breed.

Blue Light Brown

The Blue Light Browns are doing great this year. They are in with the Blue Cream Light Browns for the breeding season.

Cream Light Brown

This season my CLBs and in with my LBs and are going into the show condition cages to get ready for the comming season!

Blue Cream Light Brown

I am just starting with the BCLB Dutch and am going focus on breeding them this season.