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My Silkie Bantams

At this time we currently have Blue, Black, Splash, Partridge and White Silkie Bantams. We do not breed all year and we breed for quality not quanity. We will be getting our first flock of Buff Silkies very soon. This comming show season will be exciting as we have some birds that are starting to show some great shape and type.

The Whites

I have a great line of White Silkies going. I got a great start with lines from Eric Kutch and Deb Steinburg. I am breeding right now and will have young for sale within a few months. Below is a pic of a hen that won champion featherleg in Washington. She was from Royal Silkie Bantam Lines.

The Blues

I think if I had to choose a color I likes best it would be Blue. I love my Blue Silkies, this year is going great with them. Right now all my hens are actually brooding so there are no eggs comming out of their coop for awhile now. In with the Blue Silkies I have 4 Splash and 2 Black Silkies.

Below is my hen that won champion featherleg in Hollister.

Below is one of my hens that is currently broody, She will be going to her first show this year!

Below is a few of my show birds that I have raised up,  a pair is from Deb and the extra hen was from the wycloff lines.

A cockerel from Eric Kutch lines